Kamron Pourmand Graduation Speech – Video & Transcript

by DataEntry on May 8, 2008

Kamron Pourmand Graduation Speech Transcript:

Good morning class of 2008. BeforeI begin I’d like to thank the administration, the faculty, my familyand friends that made this speech possible. Fellow students, for the past couple of monthswe’ve all been experiencingthe same thing. The lack of sleep, checking our email every hourto see which grad schools we did and did not get into, trying to spendas much time as we can with strangers

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we met four years agothat somehow turned into familyand realizing how much you’regoing to miss them and everything else thatBinghamton University gave you beyond a liberal arts education.

Graduating college is no cake walk by any means especially at school like Binghamton. The past couple week in particularhaven’t been easy, when that simple hello with the high five turns into a conversation about your next steps and hugging people not knowing if you’re ever going to see them again.

You’ve probably played the ‘remember when’ game with your friends, reflected on all the memories. The ones you’ve made each day as you walked through the union, around the fountain, and past lecture halls and back to the dorms. When you waited in line at the coffee kiosk for 15 minutes even though you were alreadyten minutes late for class, the thrill you had of beating someone to computer at the pods and the sting of defeat you felt when you weren’t so lucky. When you finally got that computerquickly edited your paper and without saving it, printed it and while printing the printer runs out of ink halfway throughand someone stole the pod stapler again. We’ve all been there.

When you and at least 12 your new found friendscrammed into a cabheaded for State Streetwith only nine of them actually paying the driver, only seven of them actually paying a cover at the sports bar, and only five of them actually making it back to the room that night.

If you had “Sleepy Joe” for a cab driveryou were lucky if any of you made it back. You may not know who Big Daddy is but you do remember that pizza from Rocky’s only tasted good at three in the morning.

These memories will overwhelm you with the emotionbut todaythat emotion will not be sadness. Todaywe celebrate. Here we are,all dressed up in our green gowns and square hats. We made it.We’re actually graduating collegeand going into the real world.

Did I just say, ‘real world?’ That’s one thing I never really understood. Why do people keep referring to life after college as the real world? Have we been in a dream for the past 20 some years? Was it all inour imagination? Were we dreaming? No, we weren’t dreaming,

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what you’ve learned here, who you met hereand what you felt here were all real.

Graduates of the class of 2008, you may have not realized it but you have been in the real world since you came to Binghamton. We are leaving here with a real education, a degree and genuine friends. We discovered hidden strengths and tested known weaknesses to figure out who we really are as individuals. Be proud. Be excited. Today we celebrate.

The celebration is not just for usbut is also for those who got us here. I would like to take this moment to thank our families who helped us reach this point our lives. We may not say it enoughbut you mean the world to us and we appreciate you. You have been real to us since the day we were born. So thank you, Mom and Dad, for being therewith an open heart, an open mind and as an open pocketbook.

Now’s a good time to ask for that new laptop, iPhone or plane tickets.They can’t say no today. My mom is shaking her head like “Yeah that’s what you think.” We’ve made our parents proud.

I want to close this speech by making our mascot, Baxter,he has a name, proud one last time. After all this is Bearcat country. Binghamton sweatshirts and bumper stickers are fine and all, but true school spirit comes from the inside. It’s putting green face paint on, taking your shirt off,twirling it around your headand screaming at the top of your lungs.

Our tassels aren’t turned yet. We’re still undergrads for another 20 minutes. If you haven’t done this before, that’s okaythis is your chance. This is a celebration after all. SorryI don’t have enough face paint for everyoneand if you twirl this gown over your head you will probably knock someone outbut I want everyone inBinghamtonUniversity’s graduating class of 2008 to yell the word ‘Bearcats” on thecount of three.

[audience and speaker chant ‘bearcats’]

I’ve always wanted to do that. Fellow students, today we hold our heads highand stand proud of who we have grown into after this four year journey. Today we are goingto celebrate. Thank you.

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